If you’ve opened the registration form for one of the 2024 summer camps, you may have noticed that there is more than one option for your camp fee.   This summer, we are experimenting with “Tiered” Rates.

For many years, we’ve repeated the mantra that no child should miss camp due to lack of funds - that scholarship funds would be found for any child who needed them.  Earlier this year, the Peterkin leadership team was discussing how we might better utilize the scholarship funds available at the Diocesan level, and connect our prospective campers with the dollars that they need to afford summer camp fees.  While previous registration forms asked directly if a scholarship was needed, we’ve observed that the funds are not always requested, and that some campers, for whatever reason, might be missing out on camp for lack of funds, even though the funds are available. 

In 2024, youth camp fees, as well as adult fees for intergenerational camps, will be offered in three tiers.  Anyone who registers for camp can self-select the rate that they pay, and scholarship money will be used to make up the difference.

Tier 1 - This rate covers the most basic costs; food preparation and nursing care.  The 2024 cost for Tier 1 is $250 for week-long camps (about 31% of total costs).

Tier 2 - This rate includes Tier 1 costs, and adds the cost of the counselor staff and Summer Program Director, cost of housekeeping and summer maintenance employees, utility costs, and all other costs just to keep our camp facilities clean and running.  2024 Tier 2 rate is $600 (75% of total cost.)

Tier 3 - This rate includes Tier 2 costs, and more adequately reflects the comprehensive cost for a camper to attend camp (including  the cost of pool maintenance, water and wastewater treatment, insurance, technology and office costs, and costs for camp leadership.)  2024 Tier 3 rate is $800.

As you are deciding which tier to select, please prayerfully consider your ability to pay. Also please note that if you are registering multiple people, our registration system allows you to select different rates for different campers, to control your total costs. 

Results gleaned from this summer’s experience will be used to refine how we can most effectively connect campers with scholarship funds.  Ultimately our mission is to help more and more kids experience Living Under Grace each summer.

Along with this program, please remember that many local parishes have scholarship dollars available to supplement what is available from the Diocese.

If you have any questions, please don't hestitate to reach out to Jim Cormack at jcormack@wvdiocese.org. And please know that the greater Peterkin Community is dedicated to the idea that your child belongs at Peterkin this summer!!