About Peterkin

Since 1945, Peterkin Camp & Conference Center has been a center of life in the Diocese of West Virginia. Nestled in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle, Peterkin sits on over 900 acres of unsurpassed natural beauty, with clean mountain streams and miles of hiking trails. Peterkin offers a refuge of serenity amid the stress and hectic pace of our everyday lives, a place that encourages us to relax and recenter.

As a ministry of the Dicoese of West Virginia, Peterkin offers faith-based programming for people of all ages. In the summertime, Peterkin hosts summer camps for all ages, including dedicated youth camps as well as intergenerational camps. In the fall, winter, and spring, Peterkin hosts a variety of Diocesan events and is also available for use by outside groups for retreats, conferences, and meeting space. Peterkin is a ministry of hospitality and we strive to build community with each person who walks on this holy ground. As we seek to do this work, we embrace three core values, which guide our work: We strive to be Joyfully Committed, Grounded in Christ, and Good Shepherds.

Peterkin's guiding principle is "Living Under Grace".

"LIVING UNDER GRACE is living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit who always leads us to Love.

"Two of the most common ways we experience and demonstrate love are Stewardship and Consideration.

"STEWARDSHIP for us at Peterkin means the loving management of everything from the words we speak to where we put our litter.

"CONSIDERATION means making Peterkin and others more important than ourselves.

We believe this is the way God would have us live."