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In late 2023, Peterkin began using a new provider,, for our website development, online giving portal, and registration system for camps and other events.  

All 2023 Summer Camp registration forms have been functional for a couple weeks now, along with forms for upcoming spring retreats.  So what should you expect when logging in to register for an event?

You can find the events in a couple locations on our website,   

     1)  On the top menu, click on "Events Calendar", which will bring up a list of all events in chronological order; or 

     2) On the home page, scroll down to the sections for "Summer Camps" or "Conferences and Retreats", to see icons for each event.

From the event page you are viewing, look for a button in the lower left that says "Click here to register."

Once on the registration form, you'll be asked to select the number of tickets you are registering.  (For 2024 youth summer camps, and for adults in 2024 intergenerational camps, you will have the ability to select from one of three payment tiers, to allow you to easily access scholarship funds.  If you are registering multiple campers, you can choose different tiers for different campers if you so choose.)

After selecting your tickets, the registration form will open up so that you can register the regular details for each camper (name, t-shirt size, dietary restrictions, etc.)

After entering this and agreeing to the general disclaimer, payment details are entered. 

If you choose to pay via credit card, you have the option of making a partial or complete payment.  Upon completion, you will receive an email invoice showing your payment status.  The email also will a have a link to make additional payments on your invoice.   You can pay the balance of your camp fees on any day up to the first day of camp.

If you choose to pay via cash/check, you will receive an email invoice showing your remaining balance, showing the deposit that is due, and this email will also include a link to make online credit card payments on your invoice.   When you send a check to Peterkin, whether for the total amount or a deposit, that amount will be credited to your invoice manually, and an new, updated invoice will automatically be emailed to you.   You can pay your remaining balance at the registration table when you drop off your camper.

Please email if you have any questions.