Our Core Values

As people who are JOYFULLY COMMITTED, we are dedicated to seeing Peterkin, both the place and the people, flourish. We see the joyful commitment of the Peterkin community lived out in service to others, including onsite during events and by those returning to volunteer their time for the next generation of participants and through active participation in their own parishes and beyond. 

For Peterkin to be GROUNDED IN CHRIST means that we strive to foster a vibrant life of faith for all those who participate in our ministries. The heartbeat of Peterkin is the daily Eucharist and prayer, and the Peterkin experience is designed to help form the faith of our campers, participants, and staff members while they are onsite and empower them to carry those experiences with them beyond the gates of Peterkin. As we strive to be Grounded in Christ, we believe we will see and experience hearts that burn and glow with love for God and others. Being Grounded in Christ also leads us to be Good Shepherds.

As GOOD SHEPHERDS, we guide the people in our care into deeper relationships with God and each other by building holy community and working toward reconciliation and renewal of our people and our place. Being Good Shepherds means protecting the hearts and minds of people in our care by creating a spiritually, emotionally, and physically safe place for all people to celebrate their God-given identity and gifts. It also means being good stewards of the land and resources we’ve been given. The beautiful Peterkin property is a gift and resource to us and is also a serious opportunity for conservation and creation care.